Color Psychology, Our Emotional Attachment

Color Psychology

Colors attract each of us; no matter what’s our age or region; It can alter your mood. We all are attracted to colors from the moment we open up our eyes. But do we ever think their importance? What if suffering from mood disorder or anxiety suddenly felt vanished after relaxing in environment surrounded by fresh colors or specially outdoors? Don’t you start feeling more romantic when you see red color around?. Sometimes wearing any color which you don’t like really Sucks!

Information enters our brain through eyes and ears and it is stored in the sensory memory.  Research has proved that Our Brain works on visual images, It doesn’t even differentiate between reality or imagination


Color Psychology
Color Psychology

Our Emotional Attachment

Colors can spark the variety of emotion, And If colors are that close to our brain to trigger our emotions and direct us to react and show it though happiness or  discomfort then we should all have to know  Its effects on us and specially on a Child’s brain development. Color help you to connect the neuropathways in the brain. Children get attracted by color at very young age. They try to grab each and every colorful thing on their way to crawling. Soon after they start learning about color during their preschool years. It is crucial to stop children playing with colors because playing with colors enhance the learning ability.

Color Enhance Learning and Influence Mood

The colors you choose to use in teaching  process can actually have a major impact on children’s mood and how children learn and absorb information. The function of right-brain and Left-brain is completely different, Some people are either left-brained or right-brained, Which means the one side of the brain is ruling over the other, and A person is either  having analytical and methodical qualities or creative and artistic Personality. Our  left brain is also connected to logic, and The right brain is more visual and intuitive. Both sides of brain work to give input to your brain.  When you work out a complicated algebraic equation or painting , both sides of your brain are actively participating and providing input.

Color Improve Memory

Information enters our brain through eyes and ears and it is stored in the sensory memory.  Research has proved that Our Brain works on visual images, It doesn’t even differentiate between reality or imagination.  Using the right color can seriously affect the feelings, attention, and behavior of people Learning new things. Children are very aware of color.  Colors are linked with brain development, decreased absenteeism, and enhanced productivity.  Every Child should be given colorful environments through decoration, school signs and paint availability.



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