Youtube Star Zaid Ali Got Married

Beautiful wife of Youtube Star Zaid Ali

Youtube Sensation Zaid Ali posted his pictures on his Social Media Accounts. Fans are very excited to see him finally getting his Mariyam. He always use this name in his videos for calling any girl. It was all very sudden. He just posted status today, and everyone was assuming it a joke, as he always does so. Zaid did realise that and posted his pictures in Masjid, He was  looking very handsome in a white shalwar kameez and a gold waistcoat. The name of the bride is Yumna.  She is very genuine person. Despite being the wife of a Star; She selected very simple and sophisticated dressing style. We hope they will come  Forward more to face the Fans together. We love them.

Zaid Ali, The Pride Of Pakistan

Look , who are spotted on Nikkah. The famous Youtube Stars from Canada, Sham Idrees and Shaveer Jafferi. They also post hilarious videos like Zaid does. Fans are happy and shocked at the same time. The have posted hundreds of comments but here are a few of them. Take a look of Zaid Ali picture at Masjid with Sham Idrees and Shaveer Jafferi.

We Wish all the best to the Couple,  and Zaid Ali We love you. You are the Pride Of Pakistan.zaid1

Here Is the Response Of Zaid Ali Fans.


Shocking Response Of Zaid Ali Fans
Zaid Ali Got Married

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