Ayesha Gulalai’s Sister Maria Toorpakai Wazir

Maria Toorpakai Wazir is a top ranked squash player. “She is a true inspiration, a pioneer  for millions of other women struggling to pave their own path to autonomy, Fulfillment, and genuine personhood.”

Lets Know about Maria Toorpakai

Ayesha Gulalai has been in news nowadays,  After her Press Conference against Harassment claim, And Sad People are hitting her beliefs in Islam, And Being Pakhtun Women saying that.  All Pathetic People are accusing her for wearing Shorts by her sister. They are bashing her for her sister’s clothing style. Is that really Who We are? Who has allowed us to judge people and make statements according to someone’s dressing  style?  We should all wait for Ayesha to show us proves, and If  She fails; then use your Freedom of speech according to blaming her failure only.  I’m a Die-heart PTI supporter, And I would never accuse someone like this because My leader Imran Khan forbidden me to do this.  Ayesha is a very respectable leader and a Daughter of our Beloved Pakistan, And Pakistan never allow anyone to disrespect Its daughter. So, Don’t Judge Just wait for the proves.

Sister Of Ayesha Gulalai
She is Maria, SIster of PTI MNAHealth In Your Hands, Acupressure Techniques.
riasays.com Ayesha gulalai

The Pride Of Pakistan  Maria Toorpakai Wazir

Lets Know about the Pride Of Pakistan. We really need to know who is Maria Toorpakai Wazir?. Maria  is from Waziristan, A most dangerous place on Earth. In her Childhood She disguised herself as a boy; So She can live the freedom of man, and play in the conservative surroundings of Waziristan. The girls have nothing to do there, They just stay at home and from young  age  they are told that, “you are going to get married soon”,  And their life revolve around this belief.  Girls are not allowed to play football, that’s not their thing. Maria grew up there and She changed her dream into reality.

When  She was 12 years old, still disguised as a boy, She was ranked number 2 in all of Pakistan for weightlifting in the junior division. Then She discovered her Love for squash. When the local squash academy in Peshawar required a birth certificate,  Her true identity was revealed. Her Father always suppoet

Maria With her Father
Maria with Her Father

From Dream to Reality

Soon after Maria started competing in Pakistan, She and her family received viable death threats from the Taliban and it was no longer safe for Maria to compete. Maria couldn’t even leave her family’s home. For 3 years she remained trapped inside her home. She used to  hit a ball against her bedroom wall and never gave up hope. She sent thousands of emails to people around the world asking for help to leave Pakistan. One day her prayer was answered. Jonathan Power, former world  number 1 Squash Champion, Asked her to come to Toronto and train with him.  She left Pakistan and reached Toronto to see him. Soon after, Maria has been living and training in Canada and is now ranked number 47th in the world. – Maria still plays for Pakistan.

We Salute her spirit and struggle for her Passion, and we are Proud Of Maria Toorpakai.


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