The Iron Lady of Pakistan, Multi-Talented Muniba Mazari

Giving Up is not an Option

“Heroes have no gender,” My favourite line of her. Muniba Mazari is the name of strength and positivity. She makes us believe that miracles do happen every second, So never ever give up. Failure is an option, giving up is not. Muniba Mazari  is a Pakistani artist, model, activist, motivational speaker and television host. The list of her achievements is so long, I hope I do justice with it, but It’s not possible  to cover them all together.

Diversity a blessing in disguise said Muniba Mazari about her Accident

“If you could not find any hero,  Become one.”

Muniba believes, “If you could not find any hero,  Become one.” Muniba had terrible accident in 2007. Her husband fell asleep while driving, He managed to jump out of the car and somehow saved himself, but It was Muniba who terribly suffered, Half of her body went paralyzed and other half of the body was fractured. She was on her deathbed, and No one had hope of her survival. She lost control of both her legs in a car accident at the age of 21 and being bedridden in a hospital for two years, Muniba gathered the courage and the will to live her life to the fullest and tell the world that being bound to a wheelchair is not the end of your life or even your dreams.  There is nothing in this world which you can’t achieve.

Muniba Mazari's Paintings

Muniba  is around the globe for her campaigns and Talks. She faced her fears and set people free by liberating herself.  There isn’t anything which muniba couldn’t do. UN Women appointed Muniba Mazari, as Pakistan’s first National Ambassador during an event in Islamabad to mark the end of the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence in December 2015. She is a social activist and First Pakistan’s Wheelchair bound Painter, Toni and Guy Campaign’s model. Muniba is also the brand ambassador of The Body Shop Pakistan, Pond’s Miracle Women and many more.

While, you are crying for iPhone or boyfriend not picking up your phone, Muniba is setting more goals to achieve things which are larger than life. Muniba’s mission is to inspire people to help others, because living truly doesn’t mean achieving high living-standards, It means giving back to the society through any means you are master at. She masters in motivation and bringing livelihood of People by realizing them the true purpose of life.

Muniba is associated with chughtai lab for so long. They setup camps to cities where is no health services available, and also for the transgender society which is highly neglected. We need to realize that, they are like us. They should be given equal rights and we should accept them with due respect in the society. They belong to us, They are like us. We all have same body, soul, rules and laws in this world and hereafter. When creator doesn’t discriminate then, Who we are to draw boundaries in the distribution of equal rights in the society? People shouldn’t be discriminated by their gender, they should be treated equally.

Hats Off to Muniba for spreading awareness, not just by words but her actions. She is a living example of courage and strength, Which make us believe that Miracles Do happen everyday.


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