The National Brand Of Pakistan, Bonanza Satrangi offering crazy sale

Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satrangi always bring fresh colors and designs to the fashion industry. The cuts really make style statement for its customers.  I’m a great fan of Bonanza  because I grew up listening this name throughout my childhood. Bonanza is  supposed to be the name of guaranteed quality. My father used to wear their sweaters back then around 25 years ago. There was no other high-quality brand available like Bonanza that time. If I would say Bonanza is The National Brand of Pakistan I would not be wrong. The name is known for its quality. People might forget any Brand’s name but the quality sticks to the mind and heart, Same happened to me. I started buying from them online 4 years ago, And online shopping is the game of expectations versus reality; which really shocks the people by getting something totally disgusting through online orders, but Bonanza never disappointed me. I always get the same color, quality and finishing as shown on the site. It has  high-class customer service which is always available on their site, If I had to ask anything they are very responsive.

Here is what they say about themselves, Bonanza Garment Industries claim a history of continuous business pursuits stretching back over 28 years. We are proud to offer our customers a wide range of products including readymade men’s and women’s wear, sweaters, accessories and satrangi collection.


bonanza Satrangi
bonanza Satrangi

Crazy Sale At Bonanza Satrangi

Here’s the great part of my story they very often announce discounts on complete range, Which is mostly 25 to 35% off , but this time bonanza is going to off upto 50% off, And Bonanza Garments are very generous they offer discounts on wide range of clothes. So, don’t miss it. Stay connected to their page for more updates
Check out: Bonanza Satrangi


6 thoughts on “The National Brand Of Pakistan, Bonanza Satrangi offering crazy sale

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    1. Yes Amber, now the strategy has been changed, every brand offers sale within 2 months after releasing new collection, just to promote their brand, Stay tuned for more updates. I’ll keep you posted:-)


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