Leading brands at Export leftovers Pakistan

A  great shopping experience for all big names  is worth trying from export leftovers at great price.

Pakistan’s economy is mainly based on textile manufacturing and Its exports. If we make a list of United States and Europe apparel brands then It’s not possible to find any renewed label Which doesn’t run their overseas manufacturing operations In Pakistan.

Pakistan serves Internationally with Its high-quality fabric and skilled labor. Apparel merchandisers say that from Nike, Kohl’s, Sears, Gap,  and Macy’s, there is hardly a globally renowned clothing brand that does not outsource its manufacturing operations to Pakistan’s t Industries.

Export Leftovers Pakistan

Here is the great opportunity for the people of  Pakistan to get renowned labels at very low price. This great step is taken by the founder of Export Leftovers Pakistan, Mr. Umar Qamar, He made export leftovers  platform to provide us genuine quality with the association of Image garments, Which provide quality exports to European and American brands since 1985.

All about polo republican
All products sold on Export leftovers website are overruns of export orders for European and American brands sourced from internationally certified textile factories in Faisalabad Area. All merchandise sold on the web store is genuine. My favorite part is daily watching elo new arrival and daily deal show on their face book page. Exportleftovers.com is worth checking.

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