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Effects of Pollution on Skin And Its Solution

Skin gets very sensitive due to the environmental Changes and negligence of the person. We are dealing with massive work loads and neglect our Skin’s call to give some attention towards it. Due to avoiding Its care, The Skin gets Infections, And as a result Early aging spots and Fine wrinkles starts appearing on it. To repair skin before It gets worst is the Intelligent choice. I got  Physiogel moisturizing creams and lotions; Which contain pure and gentle ingredients. My Skin feels moisturized and smooth. The best part is, that they’re free from fragrances, preservatives and colorants, making them suitable for even very dry and sensitive skin.

Physiogel, fair, calming Effect, It reduce Fine wrinkles, best for Sensitive skin

The Science behind Physiogel

Pollution and sunburn causes skin damage. Women allover the world are facing early Age spots and fine wrinkle due to Skin damage. Freckle and Acne are the worst effects of sunburn. Acne-prone skin is hardest to deal with. It has bacteria, infections, And each time touching the skin feels more sensitive. The answer to acne-prone or Problematic skin is, Physiogel. The complete skin care range has been recently launched in Pakistan. It is a daily moisture therapy for all types of  skin. It nourishes and repairs the moisture barrier even in sensitive skin. Dermatologists of Pakistan proudly express their trust by observing  40% skin repair in a  week after  using  Physiogel.

Physiogel Skin defence

Physiogel revives your skin:

Physiogel works naturally and gently to repair the skin with  its  BioMimic Technology , leaving it smoother and visibly healthier. Physiogel accelerates dry skin repair by supporting the natural processes of the skin. It is free from perfumes, preservatives or colorants. It is hypoallergenic. There is  a complete science after Physiogel, A science that works to soothe, help repair and restore the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

How dryness occurs:

The outer layer of the skin  contains cells which are embedded with lipid matrix. Lipids are natural fats that surround skin cells to protect against water loss from the inside, and bacteria and allergens from the outside. Dry, sensitive skin occurs when skin loses moisture. Hence, sensitivity triggers due to dryness.

The answer to dryness:

The moisturizing creams and lotions contain an advanced formulation called  BioMimic Technology, which contains lipids similar to those found naturally in skin. The ingredients in Physiogel® BioMimic Technology™ mimic the skin’s natural structure to repair the moisture barrier, restoring the hydration your skin needs to stay strong and visibly healthy.

Physiogel effects  on skin:

Skin is the body’s largest organ and it plays an essential role in protection from damaging irritants. It’s very important to keep it healthy, strong and nourished. If the lipid barrier on the outer layer of the skin is compromised, the skin can quickly lose moisture and become dehydrated, this can often happen as a result of triggers such as weather changes and reactions to harsh ingredients. Research also suggests that lipid-deficient skin is more prone to skin sensitivity and dryness.

Physiogel has three ranges available in Pakistan. which are:

Daily Moisture Therapy , Daily Defence and Calming Relief.

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