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My experience with Export leftovers

Great Quality on time; is the virtue of Export Leftovers.

About  few days back, there was a buzz regarding discounts and offers everywhere on the globe, Meanwhile in Pakistan, Export leftovers nailed it by announcing huge discounts, And  Upto 80% off on almost everything. The Public repose was crazy. Huge purchases were made, yet It didn’t effect the delivery schedule that much. The delivery was on time. It might took few days delay at some places due to law & order situations of the Country. Hopefully, My order was at time. I ordered many things but right now I would love to share my new curtains by Export leftovers. I love the stitching quality and fabric very much. I was not sure about length and width of the curtains because I have large framed window. And I was afraid I might not find large-sized curtains online. But for my surprise I saw large-size curtains on website and I ordered them, That’s the first time I ordered curtains and I’m sure  Export Leftovers is the only site in Pakistan, Which sells curtains.

Here’s some clicks of my curtains.



For more details, Check out more: Exportleftovers


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