Leading star of today & Tomorrow

Stardom is not easy to handle, but Sajal did. She believes One shouldn’t let stardom get into its head.  Sajal got love from Indian audience and Seri Devi praises her acting for Mom a lot.

Sajal Ali is one of the popular face of Industry who grace Pakistan’s television screens.  She is smart, beautiful, And  heart-throb of Pakistan’s media Industry. Sajal started her career in drama serial Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewah at very young age. Her acting was so brilliant that It was not difficult for her to grab the  attention of  viewers . She is one of the finest actress of drama and film Industry. Sajal did spread out her talent to Bollywood this year. And Mom was a big hit. Sajal as lead in Mom; performed so well that she stunned everyone with her performance, It was beyond expectations. The biggest compliment came from none other than Seri Devi who said, Mom would have been incomplete without Sajal. After great success in Bollywood movie, She didn’t stop herself from dramas and currently, Yakeen ka safar is  going to be a big hit serial of the year. Sajal and Ahad Raza Mir have nailed it with their fine acting skills.  Stardom is not easy to handle, but Sajal did. She believes one shouldn’t let stardom get into the head.

Recently a photo shoot of both of them went viral.

Take a look of Sajal’s latest photo shoot.

Sajal Ali recent photo shoot


Sajal Ali recent photo shoot

Check out more watch the video.












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