Meghan Markle UN Women’s Advocate

Meghan Markle is a Beautiful lady with a heart of gold, A true  princess without her crown. Woman like her truly deserve a Prince.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently have been in news for their engagement Announcement. Their relationship seems like a modern fairy tail. Markle is a successful Hollywood Actress, largely known for hit TV series Suits. She is a true humanitarian and UN Women’s Advocate for Political Participation & leadership. The charity work she does;  keep her on toes around the world. Since childhood She learned how to use voice for great causes. Meghan never stepped back in Life for everything she wanted. Her hard work in career transformed her beautifully  and made her Independent and more confident women that she always was.


Prince Harry Loves the facts that despite being talented and beautiful, Meghan has beautiful heart; Which makes her precious. Harry admires her work as a humanitarian. And he believes Meghan will bring vast energy to her work as royal. She’s also a global ambassador for World Vision Canada.


She went to Rwanda to help deliver clean water.

meghan Markel Work


Helping People and educating them, is the Vision of Meghan Markel.

High-profile relationships are always stressful but She is happy to start new life with Prince Harry.  Both look completed and lovely together. They appeared first time on screen as a couple last week. Meghan with her wide-opened smile graced the Audience. And Prince Harry greeted everyone humbly.







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