Farhan and Urwa Hocane, Romantic Anniversary Shoot

Fanhan Urwa Bold shoot

farhan and Urwa’s love story is a Fairy tale. Urwa said about farhan, “I fall in love with Farhan every single day”. I’m a hopeless romantic. They dated for 3 years before Farhan Proposed. Last year they got married and Living happily ever after.

Fanhan Urwa Bold shoot

The Charming couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary today. They came up with very romantic Photo shoot to surprise their fans. Urwa Looks mesmerizing, And Sassy. Farhan looks dashing as always.

Fanhan Urwa romantic shoot

Their photo shoot reflects intense love and romance with each other. They look extremely romantic. Just like their wedding pictures, Within six hours after posting anniversary photos they got badly bashed on social media. People are calling it bedroom, Intimate shoot. Fans suggested,  Urwa should keep it personal.

Urwa Hocane romantic Photo shoot


 romantic Photo shoot


Urwa Hocane romantic Photo shoot


hotshot  urwa

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