Politics of protest should be banned.

Political protest

Politics of dharnas should be condemned highly to save the country. To get this problem under-control, All Political Parties, Media, And all other institutions should work together to find a proper way to get rid of it.

Stop Political protest

Many Political Parties have criticised the dharna culture for the betterment of Pakistan. On the other hand dharna activists do believe that this is their right to protest, Of Course democracy highly support the healthy Protest. There is nothing wrong in peaceful Protests. But blocking roads and  Destroying public and government Properties will never benefit anyone, Neither to one who does so. If the Politics of sit-ins continued mobs would become strong enough to “rule the country”.  For any protest It should be primarily planned that It will not  interrupt routine life in the country. Protests are held around the world, But no such destruction reported in Any Developed Countries.

Do share What You think, Comment below.  And Use #IcondemnPoliticalProtest





3 thoughts on “Politics of protest should be banned.

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