Pakistan’s answer to Terrorism is Education

iqrar UL Haq

The answer to terrorism is Education’.  Pakistan is a nation of resilient People. Nothing can scare us to backoff from noble causes. Education is the basic right of every child. On December 16, 2014, terrorists attacked the army-run school and started firing multiple shots on each Innocent student.  In terrorist attack 116 children were killed in Army Public School and hundreds of students were badly injured. The survivors lost their body parts, Some lost arms, the other can’t walk. Students those were shot on face  lost their identity. Even after multiple surgeries they have deadly scars on face.  Just After a week from this dilemma, The school was opened to educate again. That’s the power of Education, No One can stop it.

This year Iqrar Ul Hassan took initiative to make education accessible for every child. He’s a very famous journalist, Media Person, And Head of social issues  based Sar e Aam Program. He has created awareness, And highlighted the importance of Public In order to change the system. He’s a great Social Activist of Pakistan. Public loves him for the noble causes he does. This year Iqrar has started a campaign to pay tribute to APS martyrs by sending more than 116 students to school. Mostly, Street Children Who can’t afford to quality education. In this noble cause people from Pakistani Media have joined promptly. This mission widely received support from International Audience. People highly trust,  love and Admire Iqrar for his Passion to do something remarkable for Pakistan.


From media fertinity,  Humayun Saeed, And Mehwish hayat joined to take responsibility of one child’s education.


There are many more who joined this noble cause with Iqrar Ul Hassan and team SareAam. I salute Iqrar for doing such a great work to educate children. Here’s just a start of the outcome of his efforts.

Use #teamsareAam to support this cause and spread awareness.  For suggestion feedback  Contact us.


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