Antibiotic resistant Superbug, It can cause Infections.

which food cause superbug and infections

What is superbug?

Antibiotics are widely used in the agriculture sector. Animal and poultry sector, due to which, human beings suffer as they consume the vegetables, meat, dairy and poultry products.

We grew up hearing from adults that don’t take frequent medicines. You will get used to it, And after time they will show no healing effects on body. Science has proved it and Its appeared as superbug in the universe.  It is a a type of bacteria that causes an illness that cannot be cured by antibiotics. Superbugs are drug-resistant, human-killing microbes that modern medicine struggles to deal with. The bacteria is so strong that  it has become resistant to antibiotic drugs.

Causes Of Superbug:

According to health experts, Infections are already becoming more difficult to treat because of antibiotic resistance. People have developed habit of self-treatment by taking many medicines without even visiting doctor, Also doctors are mixing multiple antibiotics for a small infection, And sometimes in small clinics doctors prescribe many antibiotics which can cause more complications instead of healing. Experts have highly warned People to stop taking antibiotics without prescriptions, And also avoid overdosing.

Food is the major reason of superbug

Our food is also highly affected by agriculture medications. Hormones injections and many more medications are getting used on animals. Vegetables are also not pure from Agricultural medicines as it was assumed to be pure earlier. These agricultural medications, which we are taking indirectly are more dangerous than a complete antibiotic course a doctor prescribes during any infection.

what are superbug infections

A doctor from  Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences shares that everyone is a doctor in Pakistan. From maids till uneducated dispensers. To avoid superbug, we need to check our antibiotic usage.


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