Learn organized & cheap Traveling From British Backpacker Society.

British Backpacker Society travel destination

Information about British Backpacker society

British Backpacker society is the group of tourists that travel with limited budget. They are individual travelers who ramble from place to place  in different countries with a specific plan and budget. They set rules and plan their trips specifically. The topmost rule is; to stay at cheap hotels, guest houses to cut the price.

British Backpackers Latest trip in Pakistan

Backpackers try to save money , so they can organize to travel more places. They prefer to move on trains or buying budget airlines tickets.  They are curious to study customs and traditions of the country by observing the lifestyle of local Population. They love and embrace the different living styles of the people around the globe. They make friends to exchange information everywhere they go.

British Backpacker Society is schedule to visit this beautiful peaks this year, Check out more

The British Backpacker Society Top 20 Adventure Travel Destinations 

British Backpacker Society has declared Pakistan as the world’s leading adventure travel destination. They admired Pakistan as declaring it one of the friendliest countries on earth, With beautiful mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.
The British Backpacker new travel guide strategy

Pakistan ranked #1 on British Backpacker Society’s top 20 adventure travel destinations for 2018. The Backpacker Society declared Pakistan as a clear winner; after counting down the top 20 adventure travel countries throughout the course of the year.

high peaks beautiful places in the world

Here’s the list of Counties they considered best for adventure travel:

2. Russia
3. India
4. Turkey
5. Kyrgyzstan
6. Lebanon
7. Tajikistan
8. China
9. Georgia
10. Uganda
11. Bosnia & Herzegovina
12. Jordan
13. Iraq
14. Democratic Republic of Congo
15. Algeria
16. Montenegro
17. Egypt
18. Rwanda
19. Uzbekistan
20. Kosovo




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