Saudi Women’s musical protest against guardianship, Song by Hwages

women in Saudi Arabia Fighting for rights.

Women in Saudi Arabia have been fighting for their rights for edges. Their campaign includes the demand for the removal of guardianship system that obliges all female citizens to seek permission from male relatives to do everything from opening a bank account to visiting doctor. They can’t even marry someone without male relative permission. Guardianship system doesn’t allow woman going out of her house alone without male relative; Not even at small distances.

saudi protest

Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam. It’s an absolute monarchy ruled according to Shariah Law, Where the King is both the ruler of state and government. The king as being the highest authority doesn’t give its people the right to protest. The protesters in Saudi must have to face the jail. In this strict system of government women are highly oppressed. They don’t have equal rights and freedom as men. Most importantly they don’t have freedom of speech.

women empowerment need to be introduced in Saudi

Women all over the world are fighting for their empowerment but women in Saudi are still treated like slaves. women empowerment needs to be introduced there. In this Era of technology and fast pace life, Saudi Arabia is the only Arab country in the world where women are facing strict restriction in terms of everything. They are forbidden to drive and travel without guardian. Women activists allover Saudi Arabia have been fighting for the removal of women driving ban and other rights for half a century now. Hundreds of women were jailed due to raising voice for their rights.

women empowerment

After trying every type of protest, Now the Women activists have filmed themselves dancing and walking in the streets without male as part of their fight to get their right to drive approved soon. This campaign is also the part of growing protest against removing restriction which stops women from everyday activities until they are accompanied by a male guardian.

Hwages, Which means “concerns”, It’s produced by Saudi producer Majed Alesa. This song was recently released. Women in black Islamic veil are dancing and singing as, “if only God would rid us of men, they give us Psychological illnesses.” Check out this beautiful musical-song.




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