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My Religion is humanity, I’m Dalai Lama

Yes, I’m Dalai Lama, I truly believe and admire his teachings, He preaches most needed love and peace to the world. Love and Kindness is the heart and soul of every religion but unfortunately we have forgotten the God’s message and got ourselves busy and bitter by judging and blaming other people. We have surrounded our self with  so much negativity that we are unable to see the positivity. Dalai Lama is spreading love and peace to the world. He travels around the globe and people love him with immense respect.

Dalai lama teaches peace

Dalai Lama Spreads Peace and Love

A man, who declares humanity as his religion, And strongly believes kindness as the most important attribute in every human being. He doesn’t only speak love but he showers love and kindness with his every gesture.The holly soul on this earth is our Beloved Dalai Lama, A true inspirational soul. After Mother Teresa, The world was badly depriving for more true scholars, and fortunately we have very positive and inspirational scholar, Dalai Lama. He speaks wisdom and peace. There are very few people on this world who get the privileged and immense love as Dalai lama, His every single sentence has power to effect people’s life. Dalai lama’s quotes are very famous and appreciated by people of different religions and languages; throughout the world.

Dalai lama quotes of peace and love kindness


Dalai lama most motivational


Dalai lama spreads peace. is peace maker


peace maker, life changer


Most influential person, motivational Dalai Lama


The most motivational person on earth, Dalai lama quotes


Most influential person, motivational Dalai Lama




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