Fiza Ali got divorced and remarried Ayaz Malik.

fizA ali husband

Fiza Ali is very popular host and Actress of Pakistan media Industry. She is very jolly and everyone likes her liveliness. Fiza Ali is famous for many projects but recently, program “Eidi sub ke leay” is her great success. She’s believed to be the center of attraction in every morning show; she appears. We recently had the shocking news of her divorce from  Fawad Farooq. Whenever they appeared together on screen it felt that they both were madly in love, And Fiza always praised Fawad.  It’s very sad to hear that thing were not good at their side. Even though that was their love-marriage but sometimes love doesn’t last forever!.

fiza ali marriage

Things keep changing in everyone’s life; And that’s the beauty of it. We never lose anything until we find one. There’s a fix for everything.  Fiza Ali is now Married to Ayaz malik. She announced this biggest news on her social media accounts.

With the grace of God m proud to announce that I have left my show biz and m only doing my game show Eidi sub kay liye as Ary channel helped me in my bad times and I respect them bcz they r honest people and respectable people so I’m going to complete my contract with them rest I have left my media and I have started my new life with Ayaz Malik So my friends and family I need ur prayers for both of us”

Take a look of Fiza Ali with her second husband Ayaz Malik.



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