Zainab murder case is one of the Dark Web child violence cases

What’s Dark web?

Where there are sites that sell drugs, hacking software, counterfeit money, child pornography, murder and much more.

There are “Red Rooms”, Where mentally-sick people bid on a child’s torture and abuse through live videos. The torture being given to the child the way its bidder says. The child get brutally abused and killed for the pleasure of its viewer.

It’s very sad to bear the loss of our children. Child rape cases are not getting under control at any cost now. We’ve beard the loss of our Zainab; With the hope that justice will be served to her family.  Zainab murder case seems to be the plan of selling her videos to Red Rooms.  Dr. Amir liaquat has explained  dark web very well. We all have to understand this video carefully, And protect our children. Zainab murderer was labor but after investigation, TV Anchor  Shahid Masood informed that he has 35 international accounts with millions of Euros and Pounds in his Accounts. He’s not any psychopath but he planed this criminal act for money. Zainab’s murderer might be working for international child pornography sites. The Government has to take action and search for that video to see the people involved in this crime. We all must watch the video blow to educate ourselves and children around.


Zainab was the victim of dark web.

zainab dark web victim



2 thoughts on “Zainab murder case is one of the Dark Web child violence cases

  1. Instead of monitoring average citizens.. The effort needs to be spent convicting these criminals on the dark web.. I pray this will end.. children fall victim to perversion in all country’s..

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