A fabulous 3-in-1 addition in beauty & skincare range.

Oh So flawless BB+CC Cream

A breakthrough 3-in-1 color-correcting cream that instantly camouflages skin imperfections including dark spots while providing sun protection.


If you hate greasy BB and CC creams, then here’s the good news for you. Oh So flawless is the new BB+CC cream of WB by Hemani products. It’s based on Advance light formula which is non-greasy and very effective BB+CC cream. It stays longer in  this scorching heat.

Oh So Flawless BB+CC Cream Review.

Looking beautiful throughout the day was believed to be wearing too much make, But thanks to W.B by Hemani  Oh So Flawless BB+CC Cream, Which instantly camouflages the skin blemishes and protects your skin from harmful pollution effects, It also prevents you from early skin sagging and fine wrinkles. It doesn’t only hide your blemishes but it also gives you sun protection with SPF 50+ UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen. Oh so flawless doesn’t only work as cover but it’s the cure of your skin. Enjoy your  selfie perfect skin all day long with W.B Oh So Flawless BB+CC Cream.

Its not color corrects the skin, but also gives a light coverage and takes care of  your skin.

To get more information visit: WBHEMANI





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