Angrez ka school In khairpur working for underprivileged kids


Why Stephen David Sheen is Living in Khairpur for 8 years now.

Stephen David Sheen or Steve is the Principal of a school at khairpur named Sojhro Faiz High School. The 32-year-old Steve is from Wales. Steve is teaching at School for 8 years now. He could have taught English to his students but Steve believes being native speaker doesn’t make anyone a good teacher of its language. Teaching must be perused after getting qualified in any field and tactics of a subject must be learned first. He has an MPhil in physics from the University of Leeds, And he teaches mathematics and physics in school.

Steve’s Journey In Pakistan

Steve was arrived in Pakistan in 2010 as a tourist to reach India through Pakistan, Because Pakistan is the gate way to Asia. He visited Iran and Afghanistan earlier as well. Steve ended up as a teacher in Khairpur, A small town of Sindh. He said, Even though the weather is too harsh in Khairpur but the people are very humble and kindhearted. He loves to do social work and has plans to visit more countries to educate more people in the coming years.

Stevesaid, It was more of a necessity to cross through Pakistan to reach India. Pakistan would rather be a very quick cross-through,” he says about the journey that brought him to this land of the pure.

Steve is thoroughly  involved with School’s Management, Students and the community. Steve’s visa has expired on May 16th. Steve was not willing to leave his students but he had to leave for visa renewal process for a month or two. Entire school Management, Students and Community of Khairpur, And now The whole Pakistani Nation will always remember and honor Steve for his dedication and love towards our children, We’r proud of this young man!


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