A Tribute to George Clooney.

george clooney Amal clooney

This year’s American Film Institute lifetime achievement award honor goes to George Clooney. Hollywood stars shined together to pay tribute to George Clooney on Thursday night at home of the Oscars, ‘the Dolby Theater’.

It was a remarkable day for George Clooney, As he was awarded the American Film Institute’s lofty Lifetime Achievement Award. George Clooney was seated in the front row with his beautiful wife Amal clooney. Several A-list actors celebrated his success along with his close friends and Parents.

Amal was stunning in her pale pink Prada gown.

george clooney Amal clooney

former President Barack Obama sent message in taped section:

He said, “George is a good citizen and film maker, I like this guy”.

On this proud moment, Amal gave speech about how much they love each other and their kids. Amal’s love and affection moved George’s heart and it moved him to tears.






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