Teefa in trouble, Not in real life.

Meesha Shafi Ali zafar case harassment

It’s all started with #metoo movement. Meesha accused Ali zafar for harassing her. Mesha realized that if being a star in Pakistan and International media can’t give enough support to break the silence than women at home would never speak about harassment issues ever. She broke her silence to empower the every woman out there.

meesha shafi tweet

Meesha Shafi’s voice Should be heard and respected.

Meesha is an activist and She’s very vocal about issues. Not only She’s the fundamental figure of Pakistan but she performed  in International media as well. Shafi is a strong lady and a dedicated  mother. She appeared in Coke Studio several times. With melodious voice, She has sophisticated style statement.

No Character assassinations should be done before court’s decision

On the other side Ali Zafar is the prominent singer, actor and now producer of a Movie called ‘Teefa in Trouble’. He’s not just famous for his stardom but he’s known for his professionalism and humbleness. Ali is very family-oriented man. Maya Ali also came forward with message that, She had been shooting for ‘Teefa in Trouble’ with him, And Ali was always busy sharing every moment to his wife and kid on facetime.

Several Pakistan Stars came forward to support both stars, Also some revealed their #metoo secretes. 

Ali denied all the allegations and took the case to the court. First hearing of Meesha shafi and Ali zafar trial in lahore has concluded. Meesha was not present at court. Ali sent legal notice to Shafi to pay Rs1 billion as indemnification. Ali Zafar won his stay order in court and that was the official first hearing. Meesha is not allowed to make any public statement against him to spoil his reputation untill the case get solved at court. Shafi’s legal counsel also asked that Zafar issue an apology for “the wrongs he committed against women”. The next date of the court hearing will be held in July.

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