Teefa In Trouble, Maya Ali and Ali Zafar

Ali zafarmaya dance

Chemistry between Maya And Ali Zafar.

Teefa In Trouble is an upcoming movie scheduled to be released on 20 July 2018. What a beautiful cast Teefa in Trouble has, Starting  Ali Zafar (teefa)  And Maya Ali (Anya) along with Javed Sheikh and Tom Coulston as lead. Also there are other A-list actors; making a movie look more prominent to entertain the audience. The chemistry between Maya Ali and Ali Zaffar looks heavenly. We are in love to see them together.

Ali Zafar  said in many interviews that he wants to support the Pakistan Films Industry to compete with International industries. Maya and Ali has worked so hard in this movie to make it a big hit, not only in term of numbers but to entertain viewers throughout the world’ And Teefa in Trouble will give Pakistan Media Industry a good will gesture around the globe. Pakistan Film industry is thriving to get recognized Internationally. Good films are getting made In Pakistan, And Teefa In trouble will be prominently a great success.

Non-Item cum Item Song

Ali Zafar as a producer decided to project a movie without an item song. He wants to promote an idea that movies can get success without item number, with good music and lyrics, And of course good story spices up the movie enough to be successful. Check out the performance of our chocolate hero and very graceful Maya Ali. People are going crazy by the performance of Maya Ali dance number with good music, And the vocals of Aima baig and Ali Zafar.

Another song by Ali Zafar and Aima Baig.

Today A new melodious song released from the movie by Aima baig and Ali Zafar’s voice. The song is another big hit after #ItemNumber. Its called ‘Chan Ve’. A beautiful punjabi mixed song. Maya looks extremely beautiful and their chemistry beautifies the screen along with great destinations.


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