PTI Green Gold Development Project

KPK public is very intelligent in choosing their leaders. They have set the trend of electing new party each election. They are known for giving sensible chances to every new party. They are intelligent enough and never worship any party because of language or local favoritism.  KPK public never tolerate corruption and party would have no chance of serving the province again; If its found guilt of any charge. People of Sindh and Punjab also need this awakening, And have to stop worshiping the corrupt leaders.

KPK has major developments under PTI governance. Not only it has served the province but it also served the whole country and entire world by starting this major Billion Tree Project. It will effects the environment and bring better climate changes. KPK Billion Tree Project gets highlighted as an example to the world by World Economic Forum. Well done KPK and PTI govt for this achievement.








2 thoughts on “PTI Green Gold Development Project

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