Magical Pencil |Unique DIY Idea | Helpful for Kids Education


Magical Pencil DIY Part 1

If you are looking for Unique DIYs and Art & craft projects, So don’t look further. Stay tuned with us and Check out this beautiful DIY; made by cute kids.

Magical Pencil Art Improves Writing Skills | Focus & Memory

Some kids have difficulties to focus because they are hyperactive and require more attention and tactics to be influenced by Teacher or Parent. This project doesn’t just beautify your pencils but It’s a great way to promote education. Kindergarten Students are not easy to be prepared for writing. Happy child is the most effective learner. This Art gives Happiness to kids and promote writing practice. Now Kids will love to take part in writing practice, And will make these Magical Pencils when they grow little older.

The Educational Theory Behind This Art

Effects On Focusing  Ability And Memory

When attention shifts to the actual task in Educations; The focus increases. Color adds fantasy and beauty in the character. And when kids get closer to nature and sees Nature’s colors in their hands; It makes them happy. Put these beautiful Pencils in their hands to not only improve focus but bring them closer to mother Nature. Getting closer to nature makes a human being more sensitive and caring.

More Info regarding Color Psychology is here.

Color Psychology