Victory of Indian LGBT Community

To be homosexual is not by Choice, Its By Birth

My body, My choices; Is the slogan of LGBT Community. Many people had to face blackmailing and threads by the outsiders as informing their families about gay sex, If they fail to give them everything they want.

homosexual. LGBT counselling

The Struggle of LGBT Community in India got victory, As Supreme Court Decriminalize gay sex. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.

Why Colonial ban removal celebrated in Indian’s LGBT Community as greatest victory for equality?. Well, This fight was for years to get equal rights and dignity in Society. Homosexuality was supposed to be criminal in India as per Colonial Law; Which was imposed by British in Subcontinent.  Not, only the homosexual persons got discrimination and humiliation, But Transgender Community has faced physical Abuse and more hatred.

To be homosexual is not by Choice, Its By Birth. These people faced threats, harassment and blackmailing. It also served as a constant fear and pressure to the gay community that the state considered their sexuality crime. Its not easy to live under the Umbrella of constant pressure and fear to get accused. The community raised their voices for 20 years to get heard by the Supreme Court, And Finally this day came as a huge Success for them.

In Asia there’s a misconception that only poor, And those people are Homosexual; Who don’t find someone from opposite gender to get along with, Or its a teen age Dilemma; Which will pass as soon as they get settled with someone after marriage. But that’s not the case. Its Childhood influence and attraction towards any gender. There are many psychiatrists, Doctors and Artists, And People from all the walks of life who have chosen homosexuality for their satisfaction. Its okay to embrace who you are. Its Okay to choose what you want. You Are equal and deserve equal love and appreciation not anyone’s perception. It should not matter anymore!

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