Eva Travels Pakistan With Jazz, Telling the untold Story

Pakistan’s beauty and hospitality has influenced, Young Polish National Eva Zu Beck in early 2018. She reached Islamabad as any other tourist to visit nearby areas of beautiful Pakistan. She got amazed to see the modern city of Islamabad, Which she had an image of village or country side back in her mind. She got very curious after visiting the heritage of twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Eva Zu Beck’s Popularity

She made travel Vlogs and decided to promote this unseen Beauty and Image of Pakistan to the Western Media. As, She was in Islamabad for most of the time. So, she started moving ahead to the beautiful valley of Naran and kaghan. Pakistan is blessed with scenic beauty and high peaks. Naran is the most beautiful place in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She never knew anything about Pakistan other than what media promotes in West. It was eye-opening moment for her and, She decided to promote this unseen beauty in a way which was never done before in media. Her videos in Gilgit Baltistan and other beautiful places of Pakistan went viral.

The Positive Picture of Pakistan.

Eva Zu Beck has not only received love from the people of Pakistan but she became the positive picture of Pakistan to the Western Media.

eav, tourist in Pakistan

Eva Travels Pakistan with Jazz

Eva Zu Beck has partnered with Jazz, The Pakistan’s leading digital communications company, for a thrilling digital travel show called, Eva Travels Pakistan with Jazz.

What an incredible journey is about to start with jazz initiative of “Duniya ko Bataa do”. It’s going to be a life changing project for Eva Zu Beck Media Career and For Pakistan. A worth watching travel Show for the rest of the Pakistan and Internationally.

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