zainab murder case

Zainab murder case is one of the Dark Web child violence cases

There are "Red Rooms", Where mentally-sick people bid on a child's torture and abuse through live videos. The torture being given to the child the way its bidder says. The child get brutally abused and killed for the pleasure of its viewer.

overdose side effects.

Antibiotic resistant Superbug, It can cause Infections.

What's Superbug, And How it's caused? According to health experts, Infections are already becoming more difficult to treat because of antibiotic resistance. People have developed habit of self-treatment by taking many medicines without even visiting doctor.

shahzeb murder case

Shahzeb khan murder case Will never be forgotten.

A mother will never forgive the killer of her child, But shahzeb's mother did. It's so difficult to accept for the listeners. I wonder from where  shahzeb's parents, especially his mother got the courage to forgive her son's murderers after five years. This news melt my heart!