Crazy discount, 50% off on Tarzz Collection

There's great news for shopaholic ladies and gentlemen, Tarzz clothing has just applied 50% discount on their online store and outlets. You can avail the discount from today  till  the stock lasts. Everything is getting sold frequently due to its excellent quality fabric with trendy designs and cuts. There's wide range of stitched and unstitched …

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Most influential person, motivational Dalai Lama

My Religion is humanity, I’m Dalai Lama

Yes, I'm Dalai Lama, I truly believe and admire his teachings, He preaches most needed love and peace to the world. Love and Kindness is the heart and soul of every religion but unfortunately we have forgotten the God's message and got ourselves busy and bitter by judging and blaming other people. We have surrounded our …

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overdose side effects.

Antibiotic resistant Superbug, It can cause Infections.

What's Superbug, And How it's caused? According to health experts, Infections are already becoming more difficult to treat because of antibiotic resistance. People have developed habit of self-treatment by taking many medicines without even visiting doctor.