Watch drama serial Aangan online

Aangan has been given some extra hype, Since the pictures and trailer of the drama were out. People went crazy and started anxiously waiting to see their fav stars together. Sajal Aly and Ahad raza mir are the most loved on screen couple in Pakistan media. Soniya hussain's chemistry with Ahsan Khan is fabulous. Aangan …

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Ab sirf Imran khan, farhan saeed song

Ab sirf Imran khan | Farhan Saeed PTI Anthem

Farhan Saeed has sung beautiful  anthem for PTI #election18 campaign. He hasn't just gave his vocals as any other song; but he firmly believes each word of this anthem. People of Pakistan are miserable because of corruption and huge tax liabilities, they are thriving for change. Imran Khan is the only leader after Quaid-e-azam whom …

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