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Teefa In Trouble, Maya Ali and Ali Zafar

Teefa In Trouble is an upcoming movie scheduled to be released on 20 July 2018. What a beautiful cast Teefa in Trouble has, Starting  Ali Zafar (teefa)  And Maya Ali (Anya) along with Javed Sheikh and Tom Coulston as lead.

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Pakistan’s answer to Terrorism is Education

The answer to terrorism is 'Education'.  Pakistan is a nation of resilient People. Nothing can scare us to backoff from noble causes. Education is the basic right of every child. Iqra Ul Haq is doing great efforts to support this noble cause. He's the hero of Pakistan. We are proud of him.

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Health In Your Hands, Acupressure Techniques.

It's true in every sense that health is in the hands of each person. But here's not discussion about unhealthy habits or their effects. But here's the information of great theory of Health In hands, Which means pressing certain points in hands can make person healthy. Jin Shin Jyutsu is an Acupressure technique developed by …

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